Third Life

Norbert Schoerner

Violette Editions (2012)

Edited and produced by Robert Violette
Designed by Micha Weidmann
PLC, 160 pages
100 colour illustrations
24.7 x 30 cm (h x w, landscape)
ISBN 978-1-900828-38-3

Texts by Tom Morton and Geoff Cox

Third Life is the new monograph by photographer Norbert Schoerner. Assembled as a cinematic narrative, this book collects new and previously unseen work produced over the last seven years.

‘Documenting his travels across the world, Third Life explores the submergence of nature in today’s digi-era of mass culture.’ – Felicity Kinsella, iD Magazine

‘Photographer Norbert Schoerner speaks of Japan as a place where a different standard for artifice applies. He could, at the same time, be referring to his own view of the world as seen through the photographs of his new book Third Life. Accumulated over the past eight years, the images roughly divide into unashamedly digital snaps and technical large format analogue observations. Juxtapositions of images in the book induce a strange malaise as do interventions of imageless white pages. Mistakes and accidents are championed and corrupted digital files produce a sort of optical-static printed adjacent to healthy image counterparts. Reality and projected reality are inseparable.’ – Emma Reeves, AnOther Magazine

‘The photographer has an uncanny knack of capturing very precise moments in time, resulting in a highly charged series of images.’ – WallPaper Art