Norbert Schoerner

Published by IDEA
Designed by Jonny Lu Studio

Softback with archival-box greyboard covers
4 punched holes through the whole book
29.7 x 22cm
178 pages
First edition of 750

From the IDEA press release:

A formal exercise in making a book as true to Schoerner’s seminal campaigns as his photographs were to the DNA of the Prada brand. Art directed and designed by Jonny Lu Studio with a unique fold / hole punched format, Angela Lindvall’s face on the cover, the absence of text… form and function become inseparable. It is the book of Norbert Schoerner’s Prada. Its presence explains itself. The original art direction of the campaigns by David James. The new design by Jonny Lu. The curious perfection of the ring binder holes throughout the book. A book seeking further function. To be used again, as these images have been.

“Working with Prada takes a long time. It was very fragmented. Work in progress. Weweren’t working from a script. We were re-writing the script all the time. Formulating the concept every day. The work proceeds with failures, and reacts to changes. It’s very much an empirical process. And that’s the luxury of these campaigns. Other brands didn’t give you the time to do that…”
Norbert Schoerner

“In these four years, Prada was so dominant, the very definition of designer fashion. The cut and the materials completely defined the time. Without actually being futuristic or space age, Prada and Prada Sport somehow made the present so good that no one thought the future could ever get any better! Norbert’s campaigns are built on that – they are hyperreal but still real. And, arguably, our own world is further away now from the image he created.”
David Owen, IDEA