Pictures I Never Took – Newsprint pre-edition

Norbert Schoerner

Antenne Books (2017)

Newspaper 38 x 28.5

The ability to connect with an artwork involves attention to detail, our aesthetic sensibilities and is deeply personal. However, in this age of sensory and visual overload we have to ask whether we’re ever in front of an image for long enough?

Pictures I Never Took is conceived as a two-part project, the first part (pictured here) consists of a series of plates, presented in newspaper form, reminiscent of Ophthalmologists’ charts. They describe photographic images and encounters, rather than depict them. The second part of the project then sees the feeding of the textual plates into a GAN based machine-learning system. The ‘Story- to-Image’ Generator is an AI system that is able to visualise what is described in a text. The neural networks then conceive unique pictures based on the image descriptions by using ML image datasets.

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