/ PROJECTS / MUSEUM ANGEWANDTE KUNST – Jil Sander Exhibition, 2017

Museum Angewandte Kunst – Jil Sander Exhibition

Norbert Schoerner was invited by Jil Sander and the Museum Angewandte Kunst (Frankfurt) to collaborate with the designer on her 2017-18 retrospective exhibition ‘Präsens’ (Present Tense). The installation shows Jil’s private garden in the north German countryside, a retreat that she has been returning to for over 30 years. Norbert and his studio dayfornightlab also took creative direction over several segments of the exhibition, including a 20 minute triple screen installation of Jil Sander catwalk shows.

Exhibition Stills

Installation Film

Catwalk Installation Film


Audio Installation & Music: Frederic Sanchez

Catwalk Editor: Mika Ebessen

Garden Editor:  Tom Laws Brown

Production: Lalaland