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Norbert Schoerner – Third Life published by Violette Editions

A monograph published by VIOLETTE EDITIONS in 2012. The book is assembled as a cinematic narrative, a collection of previously unseen work.

‘These photographs have no single subject or theme, and belong to no single genre. They comprise images snapped for Schoerner’s ‘sketchbook’ and highly choreographed tableaux, urban and rural landscapes, still lives and what might tentatively be called abstract works… Although they are preoccupied with the promises and pitfalls or representation, they do not seek to contrast the “natural” with the “artificial”, but rather position both as aspects of the same reality. Aside from the occasional colour correction, there is no postproduction on the majority of Schoerner’s shots, and no real need for it. After all, these are images of a world that constantly edits and re-edits itself.’

– Tom Morton from his introduction to Norbert Schoerner: Third Life

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