traumfrauen: Starfotografen zeigen ihre Vision von Schönheit

Edited by Nadine Barth

Dumont Buchverlag Gmbh (2008)

Hardcover, 224 pages


31.4 x 24.8 x 2.6 cm

ISBN-10: 383219102X

ISBN-13: 978-3832191023

Published in conjunction with the exhibition “Traumfrauen”, from 20th September to 9th November 2008 at the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

“Traumfrauen” looks at the transformation of the concept of beauty since the turn of the millennium. Fifty top international photographers were invited to contribute a statement of their personal view of contemporary beauty alongside their own photographs on the subject.

What is their personal relationship to beauty?  What is the inspirational force behind the idealized image of the zeitgeist? What is the power of the muse? What occurs beyond the commercial contract, beyond the market-defined needs?

It’s about much more than the reflection of societal ideals, the work actually rises to question ‘the truth of beauty’ and identity itself. The one thing represented across the show is to portrait a desire for individuality and self-confidence in women – external beauty is often seen as result of inner beauty.

“One recalls the enduring validity of the Greek concept of beauty, the Kalon, one that unites the beautiful external form and the spiritual self…” says Nadine Barth, the initiator of the project.

This exhibition is connected to the exhibition “Archeology of Elegance”, which gave an overview of international fashion photography from the 80’s and 90’s.