Norbert Schoerner Prada Archive editorial & films for System Magazine.

With special access to the Prada archives Norbert Schoerner undertook an extensive photographic & film project in collaboration with Katie Grand. Together they wanted to portray the creative history of Prada condensed into one story.

The editorial & accompanying films show the heritage and consistent creative design advancement of the ubiquitous cult brand by making use of modern technology in a manner relevant to the essence of Prada.


system magazine, edie campbell, backgrounds, digital, prada archive, norbert schoerner


norbert schoerner, system magazine, edie campbell, glitch, digital background, fashion, future

norbert schoerner, digital glitch, edie, beauty, cosplay, fashion

fashion, glitch, digital, edie campbell, prada, norbert schoerner

edie campbell, glitch background, norbert schoerner, future, fashion, prada


Prada Archive shot for System Magazine Credits:

Photographer & Film Maker:  Norbert Schoerner

Stylist – Katie Grand

Models – Edie Campbell & Birgit Kos


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