DAYFORNIGHTlab is the creative studio founded by photographer and filmmaker Norbert Schoerner. 

Based in London and led by Schoerner’s creative vision, the studio brings together a global, diverse community of multi disciplinary collaborators. With experience that spans three decades and inhabits the intersection of fashion, music, film and fine art, DAYFORNIGHTlab follows Schoerner’s eclectic approach to his work.

Using the context of film, photography, creative direction & publishing, the studio articulates its practice beyond a singular aesthetic or technique. Instead, each project is considered individually and presents a new opportunity to produce forward-thinking ideas. Whether a heritage fashion brand, a cult magazine or a pop innovator – the creation of these unique stories forms the ethos of DAYFORNIGHTlab.

Timeless in its expression and representing the zeitgeist of the moment, our work is about embracing today while looking to create visuals that speak to the future.